Mural name: The sky is the Limit

Location: PS1x Courtlandt school

Interview with BAE Teaching Artist, GioRoMo:

The theme of the mural was inspired by the fact that the school won an award as a “lighthouse of the community” so that’s what I wanted to represent, a huge lighthouse (the school) pointing to the NYC, one of the most vibrant and multicultural metropolis in the world. It represents the world outside, and all the opportunities that are out there.
The sky is a great part of the mural. It’s the only limit we have! My hope is that the students and the community will be inspired, and be reminded that the school is a staple in the Bronx community.
Principal Perdomo really wanted the mural to happen. He talked to me about the school and their values. Health, Happiness and Peace are the core values for this school. These are words that I wrote on the lighthouse so that the students always keep them in mind.

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