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Our programs nurture great performers

Our PROGRAMS nurture great performers


Our teaching artists offer a dynamic, first-hand experience in all four arts disciplines

BAE’s Arts Curriculum Framework



Art Making, Developing Literacy, Making Connections, Working with Community and Cultural Resources, Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning



Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration


Identity, Diversity, Justice, Action




Our music courses develop knowledge of fundamental music literacy skills across multiple genres.


  • Course offerings include: strings, woodwinds, guitar, brass, percussion(latin & african drumming), digital production, and chorus.
  • Focus on rhythm, harmony, melody and musical forms
  • Opportunities to make personal connections with the curriculum through discussions about the music


BAE offers a variety of art courses that emphasize key creative and social skills. Students will learn tools and techniques to produce art and discuss the elements and principles of design.


  • Course offerings include: mural, drawing, painting, ceramics, set design, jewelry making, and fashion design
  • Development of visual arts vocabulary to critically discuss and describe works of art
  • Art-related reading and writing assignments to reinforce literacy skills
  • Interpretation of artwork by providing evidence to support assertions


Movement courses, including dance, are designed with a focus on improvisation, choreography, and performance.


  • Course offerings include: Hip-hop, African Dance, Tap, Modern, Step, Latin/Ballroom, Yoga, Ballet, karate, and Capoeira
  • Competency in skill elements such as turns, jumps, and extensions
  • Students develop improvisation skills through the combination of self-created movements
  • Students will learn fundamental skills in choreography and create a dance from start to finish
  • Students will make a presentation demonstrating dance techniques, phrasing, and personal style


Our theater courses are designed to engage students in programs that teach the value of literacy, as well as oral and cultural traditions of societies.


  • Course offerings include: musical theater and drama through literacy(spoken word & poetry)
  • Development of self-expression and empathy for others’ situations, visions, and ideas
  • Introduction to universal and local themes and diverse ways of looking at the world
  • Effective use of theater vocabulary when making and responding to performance
  • Development of critical, analytical and writing skills through responding to dramatic literature

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