On Tuesday, September 28 2021 BAE partnered with our friends The New York Philharmonic, Van Cortlandt House Museum, and Van Cortlandt Park Alliance in the presentation of Honor & Praise: Celebrating the Influence of the African Diaspora on Global Culture.

This free community event was held at the Van Cortlandt House Museum for an evening of music and discussion on the intersection of music, culture, and Black identity.

Members of the Bronx Arts Ensemble Woodwind Quintet and The New York Philharmonic performed Valerie Coleman’s Umoja, Enoch Mankayi Sontonga’s Nkosi Sikelel’ Iafrika arr. Valerie Coleman, Dr. Trevor Weston’s Juba, and Dorothy Rudd Moore’s TranscensionI Have Been to the Mountaintop.

Community Organizations included:

Bronx Arts Ensemble, Van Cortlandt House Museum, and Van Cortlandt Park Alliance, and The New York Philharmonic. Panel discussion by special guests Dr. Fredara Hadley, ethnomusicologist; Dr. Trevor Weston, composer;  and Dr. Raymond Codrington, cultural anthropologist.
Thank you for joining us on this amazing evening!

Image of panel speakers Dr. Trevon Weston, Dr. Raymond Codrington, and Dr. Fredara Hadley by Jennifer Taylor.