BRONX ARTS ENSEMBLE celebrated the opening of David Geffen Hall on Saturday, October 29 with selections from Focus on the Americas, our 51st season!

Ray Vega, Bronx native and extraordinary trumpet player, joined The Bronx Arts Ensemble string and winds to play a variety of styles includes music from Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Canada, and the US.

Mathieu Lussier, Dos Tropicos
Jose Luis Hurtado, Son De La Bruja
Peter Ashbourne, Jamaica Folk
Evelyn Petcher, 7 PM
Ariana Grande, Thank U Next
Ray Vega, Buscando Doña Juana Figueroa
Moises Simons, El Manisero

Jorge Avila, violin
Evelyn Petcher, violin
Susan Dominguez, violin
Andrew Griffin, viola
Eliana Mendoza, cello
Zachary Brown, cello
Theresa Norris, flute
William Meredith, oboe
Mitchell Kriegler, clarinet
Atsuko Sato, bassoon
Wilden Dannenberg, horn
Joel Mateo, drums
Ruben Rodriguez, bass