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Theater courses are designed to engage students in programs that teach the value of literary, as well as oral and cultural traditions of societies. They learn to express themselves and develop empathy for their own and other’s situations. They begin to understand universal themes and ways of looking at the world, and they develop the means to express their own vision and ideas. Students explore theater history and the multiple roles that theater plays in society. They use theater vocabulary when making and responding to performance, and develop critical, analytical and writing skills through observing, discussing and responding to live theater and dramatic literature.

Through the study of dramatic plays, creative writing, poetry and spoken word, students will:

  • Identify the beginning, middle and end of a story
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sequence of actions
  • Learn to mirror, in their own literary writing, emotions described in stories and dramas
  • Understand the various aspects that comprise a theatrical production: direction, costumes, props, set design, music
  • Identify the basic emotions of characters
  • Identify a character’s primary needs and actions in stories and scenes

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