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Radio Jarocho plays the rowdy, upbeat, and at times melancholic music of the countryside of Veracruz, Mexico, having mixed it with the sounds of New York’s urban life for over ten years. They deliver performances that are passionate, energetic, and true to the roots of the genre. Radio Jarocho has played concerts at festivals and venues such as the Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Bowl, Joe’s Pub, La Casita at Lincoln Center, Le Poisson Rouge, Celebrate Mexico Now!, and Celebrate Brooklyn.

The band collaborates with master son jarocho musicians on a consistent basis, guaranteeing the union between Mexico and the United States through original songs and new arrangements of old jarocho tunes, offering a modern take on a traditional genre by fusing it with sounds that have become part of New York City’s musical fabric.

Advance Tickets $20 | $30 at the Door

Radio Jarocho:

Julia del Palacio
Juan Carlos Marin
Carlos Cuestas

with Claudio Vega


“Conga de San Benito”

“El Balaju”

“La Manta”

“La Iguana”

“Las Poblanas”

“Chiles Verdes”


“La Bamba”

In May 2018, Radio Jarocho released the album Rios de Norte y Sur in collaboration with master jarana player and singer Zenen Zeferino. In 2019 the band will start an exciting new collaboration with Claudio Vega, a force of nature from the legendary Los Vega, a family that has been promoting, teaching, and preserving the son jarocho tradition for generations. Vega has performed at numerous international festivals, including an opening set for Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in Mexico City.